Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

I hope your Halloween is filled with many treats!!!!
Here are a few treats from the Wednesday night hooking group........
This is "Matilda" hooked by sweet!Can you see the wooly yarn sheep that Marsha is working on? And then there are those chain-stitched stems....too cool! This week Belva got to join our hooking group. We don't get to see her near often enough....such beautiful colors in this runner that she designed and hooked!
This runner is great because you can see it from either side and it's not upside down.
Do you know what a beauty line is?.....That's that red line around the perimeter of the helps pull those central colors out to the edge of the rug.....beautiful!

Here is another one of Belva's hookings....this one is attached to a tote bag....super cute!

And here is what Belva is currently working on.....what a great primitive cat!!!

Here is Sheri's house that she has designed and is almost finished with......can this girl whip things out or what?! If you want to follow along as she hooks it be sure to visit her blog
I'm telling you, I am so fortunate to have such a great group to hook with!! I think we all inspire each if I could just find/make more time to hook. I'm still plugging away at the "going in circles" rug, but I really want to be doing something a bit more creative.
On my "to do" list...
  • a set of 5 rugs that will go along my dining room wall...designed by Kenny
  • a rug of Cleopatra....just trying to find the perfect picture to work from
  • a rug of Lonnie

Go forth and be creative,



  1. Tammy, great rug pictures, I love seeing what everyone down there is doing


  2. Tammy...thanks for sharing the photos of your group. I LOVE seeing what everyone is working on.

  3. thanks for visiting my new blog! I think I'll take your advice and put some creativity into my day.

    I see you love the rug hooking just like my friend Vicki!

    don't forget to vote tomorrow!