Thursday, October 9, 2008

Catching up

I have to admit I've been a bit obsessed with the presidential election.....campaigns....debates....what have you.....I've been doing more googling on the candidates than I have been on rug hooking.....WOW...who ever thought that would happen?! I have to say that I'm passionate about politics at the moment!

So....Don't Vote!

That being is what else has been going on.

We went to Kenny's aunt and uncle's for lunch on Sunday and on the way home I saw this doe and her 2 fawn in a yard. They have been doing road construction close to their neighborhood and it looks like the deer have gotten quite used to humans.....luckily I had my camera in the car with me.

Then when I got home that night I was at the computer and saw something out of the corner of my was a little frog who had managed to hop a ride in on some of the plants that Kenny had brought in the house!

Kenny has been busy bringing in the tropical plants and putting his garden to bed for the fall...... this is a HUGE clump of grass that he has dug up and is splitting up to give to some other gardening friends.

He's decided to simplify his gardening and is replacing a lot of plants with evergreens....this is just some of what he has to plant.

Here are some plants that made the cut to come into the house for the cold season.

The sunroom has become a great place to have coffee in the morning before's like a little tropical resort in there right now!

Kenny has also made time to make this beautiful fall pumpkin/gourd display on our harvest table....
....check out this sparkles....he's so creative!
Finally, here is what is on my hooking frame at the moment. I started this at the Ozark craft show and I'm just using lots of wool scraps that I've overdyed various shades of red. We have a pillow that is coming apart, so I'm hoping to make this as part of the re-do for the pillow.

Here is a picture of Renee and I hooking at the booth at Ozark craft show....thanks Sheri for taking our picture!

Go forth and be creative,



  1. Tammy, I swear you are married to Mr. Martha!! Lucky you.
    Is that hooked corn by the sparkly pumpkin? If so, it looks so real.
    I thought the Ozark show was great this year and I'm glad you got a pic of you and Renee'.
    Oh, and tell Kenny that the nursery on the corner of Republic and Fremont has EVERYTHING 50-75% off. Evergreens included!!

  2. Sheri,
    Yes the corn in the display is hooked!!! Thanks for noticing!!
    Kenny really IS MR MARTHA....I am very lucky!!
    As for telling him about the sale.....that man needs no encouragement :)

  3. Hey Tammy
    VERY cute pic of you and Reneee!! Just had to stop by and say Thank You for all your help this past week with Billie's wool. It was a stroke of luck that you knew her color palette. The wools were gorgeous! Your scraps rug, soon to be pillow top, is very cool - let us see it when it's all done, k? God Bless -- Sally Van Nuys

  4. Sally,
    It was fun getting a chance to help you with Billie's wool.
    She is such a delight and so are you!
    I worked on the pillow top a bit last night while watching "Baby Momma"....too funny!
    Hope to switch gears and work on finishing up a few pieces later today.
    Take care