Friday, October 3, 2008

Watercolor wools

Yesterday I got to play in the dye pots and I have a few wools for my blogging friends.

These wools remind me of Monet's gardens. Soft and beautiful watercolor wools. The colors just meld into one another and they would be wonderful for flowers, skies or water.

The wools are 1/2 yard pieces (approximately 28" x 33"") and are $17 plus $3 shipping. These are all one of a kind pieces.

Wool #1

This reminds me of turquoise that I used to find on the streets of Cripple Creek, Colorado when I was a little girl. Colors of turquoise/teal, olive and a smoky charcoal.

Close up view

Wool #2

Beautiful colors of plum, chartreuse, lavender and olive.

This one reminds me of Monet's water lillies.

Close up

Wool #3

This reminds me of a gorgeous sky! Colors of smoky blue, olive green with hints of sunset coral.

These wools are ethereal and hard to describe, but I hope to be dyeing more of these in the future with different color combinations.

If you want one or more of these pieces just drop me an email here

and let me know what you would like. I can take paypal, checks and money orders.

Go forth and be creative,



  1. Your wool is beautiful! I plan to play in the dye pot all day tomorrow! You inpired me.
    Dana in VA

  2. YUM YUM!!!! Holy Schmoly, woman!