Sunday, October 12, 2008

Things that make me smile

First cute are these?! I wonder how well they cut?

It's weird how I found them....I was watching a video from Pantone (the color folks) and they just had a split second shot of I googled "rabbit scissors" and there they were....too cute! If I had to stuff a stocking for a crafter, you could be sure that they would include a pair of these cuties!

Anyway, I have no affiliation, but this site had GOBS of fun, cute stuff! So that got me thinking about beautiful/useful items.....okay, maybe not always beautiful, but beautiful/fun/make you smile....useful items and here is what I came up with.
I love the look of handmade brooms....I bought one a few years ago at War Eagle craft show....I love the wooden handles on them.

The broom above is from

Do you need some fun tape for your packages or gift-wrapping.....this is just so much fun! From etsy seller
Now here is where I am going to digress....while looking at fun/cute stuff I came upon a few tutorials for different crafts....I'm always game to try something new and with the economy in the crapper how fun would some of these things be to make as little gifts for yourself or someone else.....some things I saw and thought....I have some of that lying around and I need to get rid of it or re-purpose it.....use these tutorials as a jumping off spot to use up some of your craft supplies.

First off...I saw these last year and think they are way cute! These little marble magnets or make them and then put them in an old repurposed Altoids tin.
Find a tutorial for the magnets by clicking HERE
Find a tutorial for fabric covered altoid tin HERE

I hope you use this as a jumping off point to creativity....the outside of your box could be covered with applique, needlepunch, painting, hooking, etc.

Do you remember when "fun fur" was all the rage in knitting? Do you have balls of it still lying around.....if so how about this fun fur tree? Or it may be tres elegant if you did the same thing with some handspun yarn? Yes? Or more primitive if you hand knotted a bunch of your wool strips together and then used those....perhaps?

Get the tutorial HERE.

Or perhaps a wreath instead of a tree....maybe using strips of scrap fabric....hey, just thinking out loud here.

I hope this inspires someone!
Go forth and be creative,

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