Monday, October 20, 2008

Craft Show road trip

Sunday I went with some of my friends to War Eagle, Arkansas to a few craft shows.

We left EARLY in the morning so we wouldn't have to wait in a long line to get into the craft show and this is the parking lot when we got there. It was a crisp 40-ish degrees when we arrived and you could see fog settled into the beautiful Ozark Mountains.

War Eagle is a really large craft show......juried artisans on one side of the bridge and then an assortment of artisans, craftsmen and a lot of made in China crap-ola on the other side of the bridge. You have to be more careful once you cross the bridge to the non-juried side.

Here are a few pictures taken when I was standing on the's a really beautiful setting.

I bought a darling Christmas tree necklace for someone on the juried side of the bridge and that was my only purchase the entire day.....I even surprised myself.

We did get a chance to see Vicki Hardcastle in her booth. Lots of wonderful needlefelted pins, rug hooking patterns and funky stuffed pumpkins and creatures.

Here she is with one of her mixed media pieces....the sun's face is needle felted and the rest is hooked. Such TALENT!!!

While we were at War Eagle, the 4 of us shared a bloomin' onion. If we were low on grease when we got there, we weren't after having that!
We left War Eagle and headed out to another craft show in Bella Vista. When we got there, Reba said it didn't look the same as last time. After shopping for a bit we thought it was different too.....not many crafts....mainly lots of knock-off bags/purses and sunglasses.....LOTS of IMPORTS.....blech! But, on the way out we were able to get someone to snap a picture of us.
Did you notice how happy we all look? Well, that was before THIS happened......
.....yup.....flat tire.....on the interstate.....3 women.....1 teenager.....1 blessed teenager who carries her parent's AARP roadside assistance card.....thank goodness for that and the nice man who came out and fixed the flat, put on a donut and got us on our way.
We then found our way to this wonderful Mexican restaurant and all had a margarita (Haylee had a virgin strawberry daquiri) and some really wonderful food.....why can't we have one of these in Springfield?

Go forth and be creative,



  1. War Eagle sound great. I have never been, but had an aunt that went all the time. Bummer on the flat tire.
    Love the hooking night pictures getting to see what everyone in Springfield is doing.

    primitive woolen.typepad

  2. I would love to go to someplace like War Eagle. It sounds like a great place to shop and the picture of the 'girls' is cute. But oh, how I wish I could get back to Bella Vista. My parents lived there for 12 years and although it's changed a lot since they passed away, I want to go past their old house and visit the one lake where we scattered Dad's ashes.

    Also, the scenery is beautiful this time of year. What a great trip!!

  3. Ooooohh!! What wonderful pictures Tammy!! The water falling, the water wheel and old building... aaah... so serene! It sounds like you had THE PERFECT day, until the flat tire! LOL You even got margaritas! :) Thank goodness you were able to get help and you weren't stranded on the freeway! What a fun day you all!