Saturday, August 23, 2008

Trying something new!

I'm opening an eCRATER store! I've gotten fed up with eBay's higher fees that are coming down the pipes as well as they are now telling sellers that they can't accept checks or money orders from their customers.....what a load of Cr*p!!

So, while I'll still have the eBay store for a while, I'm trying to transition myself and my customers to eCRATER.

You can find me by going to and then typing Skip To My Ewe in their search engine. I've bought a few things from other sellers there and their check-out process is pretty user don't have to register or anything like that.....SWEET!

So here are a few items that I've been able to load on today.

I hope to add more as the day progresses.

I've also been re-organizing and adding to the stash of wools at Simply Fibers.

Here are a few pictures from our hooking group that met on Wednesday night.

Joan has finished her "Pine Lodge Signs" ....all except the border....amazing....this is a huge rug!

Kelly was busy hooking a pumpkin into wool to make a pillow.....she got it finished while she was hooking with our group and I'm betting she has it completely sewn together and stuffed by now. Kelly is a super-fast hooker!

Want some of that super wonderful old looking orange she is using in the pumpkin? Click on the picture of it to see if there is any left in the eBay store. Marsha has finished hooking her pattern from one of the Needl'e Love books and is now working on attaching the binding....I just love the colors she used in this! Jill was busy hooking away on her "Santa and Friends" rug....she'll definitely have that done in time for the holidays! Debbie was finishing up her background on her "Peace and Plenty" rug from Spruce Ridge Studios. I love her background's called Paper Bag and I have that color in my eCRATER on the picture if you need some. I love the way it looks so OLD!Vicki is the newest member of our group and she was working on Renee's "Circle Purse" colors on this one! Click on the picture to go to that pattern in our eBay store.

I've also been re-organizing my own stash of wool at's been in such disarray, but I'm making a little headway. I got some new wire shelving to see how that works out.

And here are just a couple of random photos......

A beautiful monarch butterful on some joe pie weed at the xeriscape garden.Lonnie snuggled up on my lap during the Olympics last entire right leg was totally asleep when I got up from there. On the ground are two of his favorite toys....a cabbage patch dolls that he completely undresses no matter how many time you put it's clothes back on and a little reindeer toy.
Go forth and be creative,


  1. Hey Tammy...welcome to eCRATER!! I cannot believe eBay is being so shortsighted. ahwell. Anyway, the photo of you and Lonnie is too dang cute...I've found myself in somewhat similar positions with Tag...though he is usually draped across my lap and hanging off both sides. LOL LOVE the woolens! You rock!

  2. eCRATER huh? I'll have to check it out. I do quite a bit of buying/selling on the Bay of Evil...but don't like the greed factor that has seemed to take over...i.e. only able to accept paypal. Thanks for the info! And OMG I love the rugs the gals in your group are working on!

  3. I love all the things you have done at Simply Fibers and the projects that the group are creating! Simply Fabulous! I must make time to get back in the hook of things ~ I miss the creative outlet and the therapy it provides. I especially love the picture of you and Lonnie~what a perfect picture of contentment for both of you! Blessings, Katie

  4. So much inspiration Tammy. I love the pictures of you and your pups too.

    Lori R

  5. Tammy---you've been given the "I Love Your Blog" award! I love checking in every day to see what you're up to! Thanks for inspiring me in to rug hooking!