Friday, August 1, 2008


I feel like I've been really disconnected from my computer that a good thing?

Okay, it's kind of a miraculous thing for me.....I LOVE the internet!

Have been spending more time walking the dogs on the nature trail with Kenny.

....baking and cooking in the new kitchen. Last night I made a blueberry was YUM-0...the first thing I've had with sugar in 3 weeks!

Hooking.....yes, I actually got to sit down and hook the other night when our group demo'd rug hooking at the fair. It was sooooo relaxing!!!

I also bought some green leather for a little watermelon clutch that I've hooked and managed to figure out how to finish and put in a lining.I've also started sewing together the beehive purse that I've hooked.

Hopefully I'll have lots of pictures to share in the next few days.
Go forth and be creative,


  1. Tammy, the nature trail photos are absolutely gorgeous! Is it as peaceful as it looks? Looking forward to seeing the finished purses.

  2. Looks like the time away from the internet was well spent, that blueberry pie looks yummilicious!

  3. Jacque,
    Yes, the nature trail is very relaxing and peaceful. This section especially's not nearly as busy and it was early in the morning before there were too many bikers.

  4. Tammy - Your watermelon purse is so adorable! Would love to learn how you finished it off. Is it your own design?

    I keep meaning to snap a picture of the neighbor's new basset puppy to send to you - she's so cute!

  5. Tammy-LOVE your watermelon purse! I look forward to the pictures you take, especially those around Springfield! And thank you for sending websites and pictures about hooking and other fiber arts and those that are funny too!
    A "groupy" Jeanne (Red)

  6. The watermelon purse is from Nola Heidbreder at