Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The good life

I've been on vacation this week and OMG it's been so totally wonderful!

Kenny has been off too so we've got to run around and just goof off this week. Monday we went down to Branson and had lunch (we had a great appetizer that was a shrimp-avacado cocktail with eat it with chips....despite the mongo martini glass it comes in)and did a little shopping. We ate lunch outside and got to sit by the fountains....what is it about the sound of water that is so relaxing? Every hour the fountains go off to music. Here's a little video clip that I took to share with, we weren't close enough to get wet.

Here is a picture of the scenery on the way home. It's really pretty...all of the rolling hills. I guess since I've pretty much always lived around here I just take this for granted, but I know I really enjoy seeing pictures of other parts of the country where people live. So now you know what my "neck of the woods" looks like.

Oh yeah, lots of hooking going on while watching the Olympics. I've finished this....

It was supposed to be made for the Fiber Fair, but then I didn't get to go, so it got put on the back burner. Now that it's finished and I don't do stuff with "wool yarn", it is up at Simply Fibers....I'm hoping Carol will hang it by the "wool yarn". It was a fun pattern to hook and you can also get the same design that says "wool rugs" from Breezy Ridge Rugs.

I've also finished the Beehive Purse from Nola that I started back HERE.

Okay, I still have to put the magnetic snap closure in, but basically it's finished! YAY! Do you think the pink chenille balls are too much? (not you Patti...I know what you think! :) ) Hey, it's a girly purse!

I've also picked this project back up that I started back here.
Okay, I don't want it to have 1998 there and I'm going to be making this to sell on ebay, so any ideas? 2008, PEACE, LOVE, BLISS, SIMPLIFY...any ideas anyone?
Go forth and be creative,


  1. Tammy,
    Your purses are sooooo kewl!! LOVE the chenille trim.

  2. Tam, how cool you guys had a nice relaxing vacation together! Loved the clip of the water! :) Reminds me of the bellagio :) And mmmmm that shrimp/lime/salsa dip!! omgosh i am drooling and it's only 11am here! LOL
    But... la piece de resistance... your purse! NO the pink girly trim is not too much! It's YOU!! And it turned out adorable!!!
    HOpe you are able to keep that wonderful relaxed vacation mentality for a while - stretch it for as long as you can! LOL

  3. Hey Tammy...actually, I think you should have added some pink fringe with the pink balls. ha! Love your work...creative and imaginative. Glad you had a relaxing vacay.

  4. Tammy ~Love the handbag!! And really love the sheep rug ~ it's going to be very cute with the heart border!!