Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm a morning person

I think I've always been a morning person. I think I should probably clarify that.....I'm a good morning person when I'm up by myself and I can enjoy the quiet and ease into my day.

I'm not one of those "Chatty Cathy's" who bounds out of bed and starts yapping at fact...that really annoys me. However, when I can get up in the morning and make some coffee and ease into my day I love it.

One of the things I like about the morning is all of the play of shadows of reminds me of the movies....everything is a little softer and prettier with shadows.

I like how certain parts of the garden are in shadows while other parts are bathed in such bright light.....I wish I were as good at capturing it on film.

I love the peaceful-ness, the birds chirping and then a little background noise of someone who is already up and cutting their grass.The dew on the flowers and leaves.
May you have a day filled with much sunlight and just enough shadows to let you know the difference.


  1. beautiful, simply beautiful...may all your mornings give you peace.

  2. Awesome gardens...I can smell the flowers blooming from here!