Friday, August 29, 2008

Beauty in the Ozarks

It's a challenge for us to find new places to go and walk the dogs. You see, they're hounds, so a good part of the walk is all about the smelling and they get really excited whenever they get to go somewhere new.

It's raining today, but yesterday we got up semi-early and took them out to Springfield Lake. They have a new parks building, where you can go in and rent canoes by the hour.....I think that would be fun when it cools off a bit, but yesterday it ended up being like 94 or some other really hot number.

I could ramble on forever,
but instead I just have LOTS of struck me as really beautiful yesterday.

Here is our arrival at our destination....we parked up on a hill and decided to walk DOWN to the lake so the dogs would have lots of stuff to sniff on their descent.
Here's the HONESTY's right by our power plant, but the water is really pristine in this section.
We have started our descent and are getting a wee bit closer.

Still getting closer....once you get past the trees it looks more like a marsh or something you would see in the least that's what it looks like in my mind....if you live in Florida you may totally disagree.

This is just a picture of some grasses blowing in the breeze.....I thought they were pretty with the sunlight on them.

This is a huff and puff walk for a dog (Cleopatra) with short little pictures of Lonnie...we were waay up ahead...when he sees wide open spaces he gets excited and likes to run....I had to stop him every once in a while to get this one. Now, if you grew up in the country here in Missouri these thistles were horrible. If they got in your yard they were hard to get rid of and as a little kid I can't tell you how many times I stepped on them barefoot and then would end up screaming from the pain.....yes, when they are young they are just a little thistle pod and it's easy to step on them when you are outside playing barefooted. However, once you've become "citified" you remember the bad parts less and can see them for their beauty.

Whew, we are finally at the's a good thing because the dogs are thirsty. Lonnie waded in all the way to his belly.....he seemed to enjoy it.

Now, on these next few pictures if you strain your eyes really hard you can see a white bird in the middle.....we saw it flying and then it looked to be a crane/heron or was really white, but I've never seen an egret here in good ole Springfield, MO.

Here's a cropped picture of the bird....otherwise, for you, it's probably like "Where's Waldo". Hmmm....telephoto close up lens for Christmas...that would be good!We walked on down a bit further and this is the lake from a different vantage point.
This is the new boathouse and marina building...pretty swank huh? You can sit out on the deck or has lots of tables and chairs....hmmmm....perhaps a good place to hook? It would certainly be inspiring! Here are some little yellow flowers at the edge of the lake....pretty! Yes, in case you are wondering....Kenny walked back UP to get the car and drove down to pick us up....the dogs were exhausted and slept the rest of the day.
Go forth and be creative,


  1. Hi Tammy. Your blog looks awesome. Just wanted to stop by and show some love. Have a great weekend. Blessings!