Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I honestly haven't even started thinking about Halloween yet, but obviously many of you out there have!!!

I got home from work yesterday and my husband, Kenny, had gotten out all of our Halloween critters for display.

We love this built in shelf of sorts in our front entry way....a fun way to display seasonal fun-ness!!
Here are a few close-ups of our newest additions this year.....yes....these two I believe are probably "made in China"....but still cute none-the-less.

We also have several hand-made Halloween dolls and cats....I always go for those big toothy grinning cats!!!
These pumpkins below were made by my friend/fellow hooker Judith Groff.

This plate I got at a craft show several years ago.

I've also got my eye on this cat from my friend/fellow rug hooker Sheri at Shabby Sheep. Click on his picture to go to her eBay auction. I just know he'll end up bringing big bucks...but I'm going to try my hardest!!! I just love his wild pants!! Please don't be afraid to bid against me....I love the excitement of an auction!!

And while we're talking about auctions, Kenny just listed this really great Wallace Nutting picture on eBay....beautiful fall foliage. Wallace Nutting was like an early Martha Stewart in his time. Click on the picture to go to his auction. He likes to start his auctions at 99 cents, so you never know when you might get a real bargain....or end up in a bidding war :) For more Halloween fun-ness check out this free pattern that Betty put on her blog a while back. My friend Renee is hooking it up and she's made me a pattern as well to hook! Thanks Renee and Betty!!! I'd best get with it and finish my sheep rug, so I can hook that Halloween pumpkin and crow!!

Here is another pattern that I just love and is on my "someday I'm gonna hook this" list. It's from Black Sheep Wool Designs.
Go forth and be creative,


  1. Tammy, I love your display shelves and all of your Halloween goodies being displayed. But I have a question. Do the dogs ever knock any of your items off the shelves, either in play or with a wagging tail?

    It must be the difference between cats and dogs. We've found that if we want something to remain unbroken, it's got to be put in up higher than the cats can reach/jump.

    If I had your shelves, I'd likely come home, find everything on the floor and six cats sprawled on the shelves. Either that, or they'd use it as their own personal floor to ceiling cat tree....LOL!

  2. JoJo,
    Surprisingly enough the dogs have never knocked anything off of this shelf.....we have knocked over and broken more things in the house than they have :)
    Maybe it's just luck!


  3. Tammy what a guy you've got. I told Mickey that Kenny had decorated and he said "it will never happen"! Love your collection. And thanks for linking to my Henry the cat on ebay!!