Friday, June 20, 2008


Can't wait to get off work today!

I talked to my husband and they started installing our backsplash in our kitchen....he says's it's looking AWESOME! You know what that means? Yes, I'll be having more kitchen pictures posted SOON!

We also got a new pool motor.....yay....peace and quiet in our backyard when the pool is on. It had gotten SO LOUD that our friend, who lives one street over, could hear it when it was on. When we would sit out back to have cocktails we pretty much were having to scream at each other to hear what we were saying.....yes, it was really that loud.

I also just got a notice from the library that the book I've been wanting to read has come in.

Here is the review from Publishers Weekly:

It matters greatly that people who love dogs understand enough about them to provide a good environment, writes McConnell (Feeling Outnumbered? How to Manage Your Multi-dog Household) in her thoughtful exposition on improving human-canine communication. An animal behaviorist and adjunct professor of zoology at the University of Wisconsin Madison, McConnell offers sound advice for dog owners: Pay attention to your own behavior. Believe me, your dog is. Drawing on anecdotes from her professional practice (she specializes in canine behavior problems), research into the work of other dog trainers and personal experiences with her beloved Border collies, the author explains how a dog might be misinterpreting signals from its owner. For example, although humans express affection through hugs, a dog may feel threatened by them. McConnell also provides tips on how to play safely with dogs (she recommends games of fetch rather than rough-and-tumble wrestling) and how to get them to do what you want (the best way to get a dog to stop demanding attention is simply to break off visual contact). She has harsh words for trainers who tell owners to establish dominance over dogs by behaving aggressively to them when they are young, and also for owners of puppy mills. These dog factories, she says, create damaged animals and unsuitable pets. This is a helpful guide for pet owners by a specialist who clearly loves her work.

Can a Friday get any better than this? Or do I just get excited about small things?

Go forth and be creative,


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  1. Hey, you don't get excited about small things...well, you do, but that's a good thing! All good things to be excited about, too! Backsplash, quiet motor, and Trish MacConnell...what could be better???? You will enjoy the book...I have it. I have actually met her a few times (she lives near Madison) and have taken a few lectures/seminars with her. She is excellent...and everything just makes so much sense when she says it. {grin} Let me know how you like the book. I have others that I could recommend (that she wrote). Have a great weekend! I just got home and have nothing I NEED to do, so who knows what the weekend will bring? (probably nothing too excited, but that in itself is exciting...haha!)