Sunday, June 29, 2008

More stone soup!

Yes, more stone soup! But this time we're talking about the "stone soup" of hooking groups. I'm so blessed to have an ever growing hooking group....I mean look at this! So many girls, and they all bring something different and unique that makes our group so awesome! Sharing ideas, sharing wools, sharing talents, and sharing experiences.........I mean...that's what it's all about!

So....get ready for some eye candy!

This is a pattern called "Lodge Signs" from Nola Heidbreder at

This is Kelly's version....she has added the tent, oars and fish that are not part of the original pattern.....Kelly and Joan are both working on this pattern and it will be fun to see how same/different they end up....they are sharing color ideas and even some wools on this one!

Here is Dulcy's rug that she has made for a friend....her own design....

and another one that she has started of her house....another original design! Visit her blog to see more of her original designs. Dulcy's Doorstep.
Joan works with another Tammy and here is a finshed rug that she brought in for us to "ooh and ahhh" over. She hooked this for her son and most of it is made from recycled wools and then she swapped some wools with Joan for the trees.I love the touches of purple around the moon and stars.

I don't know the name of the pattern, but I'm pretty sure the pattern is in the book
and is available from
Of course, I can't seem to locate my copy.....hmmmm...did I loan it to someone or is it still buried under stuff from the kitchen remodeling mess?

Next is a pillow hooked by Debbie....this is her very first project.
Awesome! She has a wonderful color sense and has already jumped right in and started another large piece. The pattern is from Maria Barton at

This is an original design by Sheri, I think this is going to go on her door...she was inspired to do this when another one of our hookers, Patti, made one for her door.
I love the bright child like colors in this!

Go forth and be creative,


  1. Wow! That was a happy jolt of inspiration! Love those rugs!

  2. Tammy,
    You were right. What a riot of color comes together when your group of hookers join together. Such a diverse range of styles and palettes.

    Joan's rug is titled "Moose on the Loose" by Emma Lou Lais and can be found on her website at

    Look under the category of animals and it is at the bottom. Somehow I ended up with two copies of the pattern and haven't started hooking either one. Least I have a wonderful inspiration now.


  3. Tammy,
    I LOVE all the projects everyone is working on ~ it really inspires me! And I LOVE Lucy!!! She is adorable, I cannot wait to see her and pet her! I am so glad she has found the BEST home ever! Blessings, Katie

  4. Love the lodge rug! I still need to get out m rugs that I have never finished. Thanks for the kick I need to get going on them.

    Jill in Florida

  5. Tammy, I envy you your'd be great to have the diversity/camaraderie that a group offers!