Monday, June 2, 2008

Kaboodles of bassets

Yesterday we went to the 15th annual "Gathering of the Bassets" at Phelps Grove park.
(Cleopatra making a friend)

It is always so much fun to see all of the other dogs and prizes were given for costumes and tricks. Aren't these adorable.....3 bassets dressed as characters from the Wizard of Oz!!!

Cleopatra didn't have a costume, but there was a table with "free" costumes, so we grabbed one and put it on her........she ended up winning a prize....she was so excited!!!
She had so much fun and met sooooo many bassets and their owners.....but after about 45 minutes in the hot humid weather we had yesterday, she was too tuckered out to walk back to the car.

Luckily she had Kenny to carry her back.
Go forth and be creative,


  1. When Lonnie arrives, who will be carrying him around? I know Truvy was your dog, but Cleopatra has gotten spoiled. LOL Think she will let anyone steal her thunder and let an intruder take her place going down the stairs or can he still do that himself?

    Can't wait 'til he gets here, will he keep the name he comes with or get a new one to fit him better as he settles it and shows you what his name really should be?

  2. Hey fun that gathering must be for owners and bassets alike! And, how cute were those wizard of oz costumes! Thanks for sharing...

  3. Sorry...and of course, Cleo was a doll in her costume!!!

  4. How adorable. Bassets and more bassets! Those costumes are all cute but Cleo is a cutie in hers. And what a guy Kenny is to carry Cleo back to the car!

  5. Oh how priceless is that expression on Cleo's face in the last pic! A great way to start my day! *Smiles* ~Sharon

  6. I'm from Conway and know Judi! I am fortunate to meet most of her foster dogs and Lonnie was a trip. He jumped right up on my couch the first day we met and made himself at home. Words cannot express how blessed Lonnie is to have such a wonderful home with you two as parents. I love Lonnie. He has visited my home several times and my two girls MA 5years and KR 2 years just loved him.