Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I know I've been a little lax (is that a word?) in blogging lately.
I've just felt myself pulled in so many directions.......part of me is feeling soooo content right now. Kind of like a nesting bird....I'm just craving my home life.
I can't even describe how comforting it is having another dog in the house.

I'm so enjoying walking the dogs with Kenny. Something I've really missed since Truvy has been gone. Since she died I just couldn't stand to walk Cleopatra with Kenny. I could walk her by myself or I could walk her with Patti and her dogs, but when Kenny and I walked Cleopatra together all I could think about was how much I missed Big Truvy....not having her leash in my hand just broke my heart.

Now we're back to walking together like a family and it is so great. Of course no dog will ever take Truvy's place,

but I just needed somewhere to direct all of that extra love that I have in my heart....I think Lonnie can feel that. (does that sound dumb?)
Lonnie is definitely his own dog with his own personality.....he's not Truvy....nor do I want him to be or expect him to be. He's finding his place in our home and our hearts. He sleeps in the middle of us (kind of like having a 10 yr old in bed with you I suppose), he sleeps through Kenny's morning alarm (music), but hops right out of bed when mine goes off and the first thing on his mind is FOOD.....he wakes up hungry. He has the most beautiful golden eyes that you can get lost in

, he's protective of his bones, he loves to drag most every toy out of the toy box on a daily basis and he love, Love, LOVES pillows

and anything soft. He loves the soft, plush toys in the toy box. We have 3 lounge chairs by the pool....he will always lay on the one that has a towel on it (yes, that makes it softer).
He prefers to walk down the middle of the street or path rather than walking on the grass, if he sees a cat

he will bay and bark and howl and just throw a fit. Kenny said when I left him at home to take Cleopatra to her play date he cried/screamed like a little girl. So much so that he brought him over to the play date and he joined in and had a blast and thankfully Cleopatra was so happy that he showed up.
So....finally....more to the point....if you check in on a daily basis and you don't see me posting....know that I am most likely just busy enjoying life.
Go forth and be creative,


  1. oh Tammy, I am so happy that you are loving Lonnie and he is fitting in so well. Your blog brought tears to my eyes, as I know exactly what you meant about walking Cleo. I know you miss Big Truvy and she will remain a part of you forever. I believe that Lonnie is a blessing...

  2. Tammy,
    All my little comments were really just to nudge you into discovering what today's blog expressed. I have to admit I had a little tear in my eye when I read it. Glad the Burks family is complete again.

    Just remember we still love hearing about all the family's adventures and mis-adventures.

    Are you going to keep trying to bring other homeless dogs today with prospective owners, like you and Lonnie?

    warm hugs,