Monday, May 5, 2008

Still hooking

I've still been hooking away on this tote/purse pattern that I got from Nola. I'm really having fun with the colors on it.

I picked out my color palette here and then I've been using those wools as a jumping off spot and adding in different colors in the same value to add more interest to it. It's really fun, but obviously takes more time to hook that way.

I'm trying to use up lots of my left-over worms.....hope to hook more tonight, but I have a lot on my plate after work today:

  1. Buy garbage disposal for installation in the kitchen

  2. Put together some wools and cover some cording with wool for one of my customers who is going to be hooking this "Sheep Dreams" pillow. In different colors, of course.

  3. Vacuum the pool

  4. Mow the back yard (this might have to wait until Wednesday)

  5. Mail some packages.

  6. Walk Cleopatra

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining.....all of these things are GOOD!

It means:

  1. The kitchen is closer to completion

  2. People like what I'm doing

  3. Warm weather is here

  4. Warm weather is here

  5. People are still making purchases with me

  6. I have a great little dog that I love!

(me taking Cleo down Patti's steep stairs....she just HAD to climb up them, but then didn't want to come back down.....I had to scoot all the way down on my rear)

Go forth and be creative,



  1. Okay, so FIRST OF ALL, Tammy...Cleo is not what I would call a LITTLE dog!!! haha! Second of all...have fun getting everything done...sounds like a lot to me. have a pool????

  2. I wish I had a pool to vacuum . . . Cleopatra is a cutie, and what a great name. I know a basset named James I can fix her up with. :)


  3. Jacque,
    Yes, you're right....I always think of Cleo as small....she IS small for a basset hound, but she weighs in at 51 pounds :)

    I got almost everything finished except vacuuming the pool....a transformer blew on our street when I got home, so I DID get the yard mowed tonight instead.

    Yes, the pool is great....however, you'll never see me super tan....I'm the queen of sunscreen:)

  4. Sarah,
    Have James send a picture :)

    Cleopatra got mail invitation to the yearly Basset Days in the Park....she LOVES a party!

  5. LOVE your new piece! Wonderful soft colors! Keep us posted!

  6. Tammers - just popped in to wish you luck tomorrow at the fiber festival!!!!!!!! I know you are crazy busy woman!! I hope you take at least one day to just REST after all this! You definitely deserve it!!

  7. Great picture of you and Cleopatra! Had fun at hooking and looking forward to Eureka Springs! Love my new hook!!!