Sunday, May 4, 2008

The garden is laughing with color

Every year I think that Kenny has outdone himself in the garden.....this year is no different.
The trees are finally getting LARGE and impressive! The tree peonies are absolutely spectacular this year!

The leatherleaf vibernum is so lush!
We even have iris' in bloom!
Here is a nice little sanctuary for the birds. They like to sit in the trees or on the fence and pop down into the water fountain for a drink or a bath.
Here is a better picture of the tree they like to sit in.....isn't it a wonderful color?

Go forth and be creative,



  1. Is that a blue atlas cedar I see in the first photo? That is my all-time favorite tree. Our lilacs are just opening -- peonies and iris won't bloom til next month. It is still chilly here! Thanks for sharing your garden . . .


  2. Sarah,
    Yes, that IS a blue atlas cedar...or as I like to call it...the big Charlie Brown Christmas tree :)
    It's one of my favorites too....we planted it when we moved to this house and it used to just be as tall as how it's grown.