Saturday, May 17, 2008

One thing I've learned

over the years is to "go with the flow".

I was hoping my backsplash would be going in today, but I haven't heard back from the "tile guy". I tried to get in touch with him last night, but the cell phone he uses was not picking up....who knows, he could have been somewhere remote where he wasn't getting a good signal. Once it gets past the decent hour of 9am I'm going to give him a call and hopefully he'll say he's starting today.

My peninsula hood hung down too low so they had to send it to a place called "Rose Metal" to have them laser cut it down and the good news is that it is going in on Tuesday.

I kind of lost momentum for the Fiber Fair since I didn't really have a good opportunity to dye up wool and get things "together" for that function, but I do know that Carol and Maddi from "Simply Fibers" will be there so if you get a chance to stop by please stop by to say hi.

Soooooo, today I'm going to venture out to Home Depot and get some of my favorite brand of paint....Behr....and start painting my ceiling. Then once that is complete I'm hoping to... at the bare minimum to do some spot dyes in my oven. My wool inventory on eBay and Etsy and Simply Fibers is soooo low right now and I really am having the itch to do some wool dyeing!
Go forth and be creative,

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  1. Tammy, although I have six cats and my household is full, I love and appreciate what you're doing on your blog by featuring dogs that need a "forever" home. If just one gets adopted, it is so worth it.

    Waiting not-so-patiently for dozens and dozens of pictures of your new kitchen. I'm still basically bedridden here and trying to live vicariously through you and other bloggers. But your new kitchen has me so excited for you.