Sunday, May 4, 2008

Rust and pewter wool collections

I had a request to have some soft rust colored wools and this is what I've come up with.

Old Rust CollectionThis is a total of 3/4 yards of wool.
1/4 yard of each color!

The first color is a hand-dyed wool called "Nutmeg", the next two are wonderful as-is wools.
I think they work great together.

Pumpkins, rusty sandpails, fall leaves...the possibilities are endless.

This collection is $16 and shipping is $2.50 first class or $4.60 Priority Mail.


Only available to readers of my blog!

If you are interested in this collection please e-mail me by clicking on the mailbox here My next offering below is a called "Pewter".

A collection of wools of various sizes.

The first wool is a medium blue/gray color and measures 16" x 13"

The second wool is a bit lighter in color and measures 16" x 13".

The last wool is much darker, but still in the same color family. It is smaller at 16" x 11".


All of the wools in this collection are thinner than what I normally sell, but they are totally hookable.
Due to the fact that they are a bit thinner ....of course they are priced at a lesser price.
This collection is just $5 and shipping is $2 first class or $4.60 priority.
I have 4 of these available.

Please e-mail me if you are interested by clicking on the mailbox

Oh yeah, the visitor I was telling you about a few posts back......

.....this is her.....

Momma Robinher family to be
Yes, she's very protective and gets a bit puffed up if you come to close!

Go forth and be creative,


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