Thursday, May 29, 2008

Does he like the water?

We have an inground pool in our backyard, so I asked Lonnie's foster mom if he liked or disliked the water. She said she had a friend with a pool so she took him over tonight and it looks like he doesn't have much interest in the pool.....that's a good thing!
More video of Lonnie


  1. Good that he dislikes the pool. That can be a death trap for dogs. Kenny is just going to have to train him to use only one area of the yard for his business, not marking his territory all oer the beautifully maintained gardens. Yes, it can be done. Just a few weeks of initial training and he will catch on fast.

    Now who is that adorable JFT that came on afterwards chasing the ball all over the place? Did you put that on there deliberately knowing I would go crazy want to take the dog home with me?


  2. Hi Tammy. Lonnie looks like lots of fun. Doesn't look like he'll be too much of a handful. Hope it all works out. Many blessings!