Monday, May 26, 2008

New wools and color combination ideas

I finally have all of my new hand-dyed wools listed on eBay and here are a few ideas for what might look great together. Laurel and Fern
Fern and Summer Cottage
Wow! and Laurel
BJ's Pumpkin and Dill Pickle
BJ's Pumpkin and Laurel

Deep Indigo and Stoneware Cobalt
Polly's Favorite Red and Old Red
Old Red and Stoneware Cobalt
Polly's Favorite Red and Deep Indigo
Wow! and Summer Cottage

so did you notice how the colors CHANGE depending on what they are next too?

Pretty neat huh?!

Click on the house to go to my eBay store.

Go forth and be creative,



  1. Tammy, your new wools are gorgeous! I'm sitting here this morning wishing I had enough cash in hand to tell you "Sold!" on each and every piece. One question, though. Where do you come up with the names for the colors?

    Also, did your backsplash get done? Is it too soon to ask for detailed pictures of your new kitchen? I'm excited, waiting to see how it turned out.

  2. JoJo,
    Well, the kitchen is ALMOST finished....still no backsplash and I need to paint the dining room....want to get it "complete" before I put more pictures on.

    Some of the wool names come from dye recipes and some names I just make up myself. "dill pickle" was a name I made up for that color....the recipe color was called "olive" , but it looked more like a dill pickle to me :)

  3. Tammy, I love the name "dill pickle." That dye recipe doesn't look like any olive that's in my fridge. But dill pickle describes it perfectly!

    As for the kitchen, well, I'll wait because I can understand you're wanting to have it completely done before posting more pictures. Just know that I'm waiting excitedly to see how it all turned out!