Wednesday, May 28, 2008

a brother?

After lots and lots of searching....
we may have found a companion for Cleopatra......
This is Lonnie. He is currently in foster care in Arkansas.
His foster parents say he is really sweet and laid back....he sure looks like he is!

From Crackle: Lonnie 2


  1. Tammy, he's wonderful!! When will you and Kenny be making a decision on adopting him? And will you drive to Arkansas to get him? Oohh, I wonder what Cleopatra will think of him.

  2. JoJo,

    We hope to decide this week. I hope Cleopatra will love him and the rescue facility says they have a great network to get him here to fabulous is that?!

    I hope to be filling out the application today or tomorrow. He reminds me of Big Truvy with his sad eyes and his size, but I think Cleo might like having a brother....they (male/female) are supposed to get a long better.
    Keep our little family in your thoughts,

  3. What a cutie!! Cleopatra will have a man in her life now to go on long walks and cuddle up with. How wonderful! Have you introduced the two yet? Looks like he could use some groceries on him as well! And some loving in addition. What mix is he beside Bassett Hound?

    Best of luck, I think you made the right pick

  4. he looks like a big sweetie. just look at his happy tail!!haha.

  5. He ain't nothing but a hound dog, alright! haha...Cleo will have fun keeping up with him with his long legs! He does look very laid back...all the other dogs around don't seem to faze him. My males have always gotten along well, but it's interesting to watch male/female interactions, too. Hope this works out for you, Tambo!

  6. Oh Tammie, I hope you get him. Does Cleo like skinny men? You'll have to fatten him up some so she's not jealous! He looks like a sweetie. Good luck.