Monday, February 11, 2008

Think sunny and warm!

Please send warm sunny thoughts my way.......

We've been being slammed with freezing rain and sleet since I got up this morning at 5:30 a.m. Pretty, but last year I was without power for 12 days.....sitting at work watching trees bust and fall and wondering why on earth people would get out in this treacherous mess to have a medical test.

Keep my husband, Kenny, in your thoughts as he is out driving rural roads delivering mail in this ice......

Go forth and be creative,


1 comment:

  1. Oh Tam! Not again!!
    Safety prayers and warm sunny thoughts comin your way!! Don't go out unless you absolutely have to!
    Hey... have you seen ?
    I am making the switch!! Feebay is out of control! And might even see you over on etsy, once I get my act together! LOL
    Stay safe and warm girl!!