Thursday, February 28, 2008

Get ready..... be blown away!!!
Here are all of the rest of my pictures from Lenexa.....this is truly just a SMALL sampling.....I took pictures when I first got there and there were more rugs being hung throughout the day....but hey, a girl's gotta shop too!!!
This first rug was hooked by Belva of the hookers in our local group.....I think she might have done this one in a workshop with Bev Conway. Bev Conway is the designer. Another beautiful rug hooked 2 different ways.....isn't that just the best thing about hooking....each person's interpretation. I'd love to know who designed this rug....I kind of have a "deer" thing....I just love to hook them! How cute is this next one? Of course I'm rather partial to spring and Easter. I love the reds in this one! (1/29/16 I am told this pattern
is called Wild Cherries and is from Lib Callaway Designs)
What a nice crewel design and I really like the colors in this one as well as that dark striped background. A beautiful Oriental. A couple of rugs with Adam and Eve and their fig leaves!! What a great interpretation of an antique rug....I really like this one! This sheep rug was designed by Maria Barton and hooked by Betty Dekat of Primitive Bettys
A great geometric....something I'd like to try one day.
A beautiful floral! I believe the design is "Friendship Flowers" from Judy Cripps of
Rustic Rugs. Cute snowmen! This is "Parson Brown Makes a New Friend" a design by Black Sheep Wool DesignsSeveral Saltboxes....

Wish I would have gotten a better pictures of this with more of the cat!!! Pretty and prim saltbox and willow Another great floral.

Wow! A pheasant tucked into a bowl of fruit
This one looks like a quilt.....I've been told this might be from Vermont Folk Rugs. A pattern called "Josephine's Garden" Two folky roosters! I really loved this one too!!!! A snowman in a field of sunflowers....who would have thought?! A great sampler rug....this design is from Nola Hooks called "Heartland Sampler" Another design from Nola called "Kansas Postcard"
What a cute snowman family! Design from Maria Barton of Star Rug Company for the PRHG challenge...hooked by Pam Goode (pretty sure)
Another beautiful floral!!! Love the pinks in this one!

A really fun rug hooked by Paula Cole....a cat with marble eyes! Patriotics....always a favorite.....I think this design is from Need'l Love and this one is from Polly Minick.A beautiful floral from Nola Hooks. One of the girls in my group, Sandy, is currently hooking this same pattern using different colors....can't wait til she finishes and I can share it with you! What a cute snowman pillow! Hooked and prodded and a sparkly star!
This is such a kewl rug.....check out that braided's not really braided....just hooked to LOOK braided!!!

What a great peaceful lion! I really love the colors in these two pillows!!! And the edge on this pillow just really caught my has a lacy crocheted edge....I've got to learn how to do that! How fun is this one? I think this is a pattern from Vermont Folk Rugs. And this rug is just a kick!!!! I'd love to hear the story about all the little blocks!! And now I have the story
(Tammy, thanks for sharing your pictures from the Lenexa Hook-in! On one of the pictures you mentioned that there must be a story to all the blocks. The rug was hooked by my friend and business partner, Jane Rowe. It will be an ottoman cover, once her husband builds the base. All the blocks are copied from some of her kids' artwork from elementary school. It's such a great way to remember all those treasured masterpieces and to have them out to see, instead of in the attic!

Thanks Anne for taking the time to tell us this!!! What a great idea!!!

How darling is this ?! A cute little snowman peeking in at us all snuggly warm in our house. This design is from Victoria Hart Ingalls. I think this one is called "Stop and Smell the Flowers" from Nola. Surely this must be an original design......the originals are always my favorite.....look at all those redheads!!!! What a crazy flower rug!!! This is another design from Nola. A fun little jack-0-lantern designed and hooked by one of the girls in my group, Sheri Demate, and a really modern monochrome rug!

This is a cute design from Vermont Folk Rugs!!! Okay, the picture really doesn't do this one justice....I loved this rug.....a blackish brown background and then this marvelous chartreuse green against beautiful! This lady liberty is just wonderful!

A Carol Endres design, "Woolen Barn", available through Woolley Fox , hooked by, Paula Cole....beautiful! This is another rug that really blew me away!!!! I love all of the color in it!! Pretty fall oak leaves and acorns. What a darling rabbit......the designer of this rug escapes me at the moment.....
?Sally Kalin? A fun Noah's ark....I think the design is from Rustic Rugs

This makes me think of Harry Potter....owls always do....I love the sky on this one. Sweet and simple and I love the border on this one. That is one satisfied looking cat! What a fun floral....I love the shape of the flowers AND the basket on this one.Okay, that's I many more rugs there and if any of you know who hooked these please leave me a comment and I'll go back and give credit to all the wonderful hookers of these rugs.
Go forth and be creative,


  1. WOW!!! Thanks, Tammy! What a treat to see all those rugs! So inspiring!
    How nice of you to post all those photos!

  2. Thank you, thank you for taking all the time and effort to share all those rugs with us. They are all just wonderful and so inspiring. What a treat! Maria

  3. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Tammy! Your photos of the hook-in were the next-best thing to being there. I can only hope that we'll have a show like that someday here in Utah!

  4. Hey is abundantly clear to me that my creativity is being stifled by not going to camp and/or rug shows!!! YIKES! Thanks so much for taking the time to post all the photos.