Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More pics from the Lenexa hook-in

Yes, I know I promised more pictures EVERY day, but yesterday was my husband, Kenny's, rather than blogging we were out celebrating his big 45th! We celebrated in fiesta style by going out for Mexican food, margaritas and they even brought him Mexican flan for being a birthday boy!

I must say he is just the BEST husband ever and I feel so blessed to have him in my life....he makes me smile! He is always doing wonderful things like this little collection of plants on the table in vintage pots.
.....and he doesn't complain TOO awful much about me spending so much time wooling, blogging and so on.....

Now, on with more rugs from the hook-in.

This is a huge runner that someone has been working on....I mean LONG and WIDE....HUGE!!!

And here are some DARLING pillows designed and hooked by Victoria Hart Ingalls....I must say I bought BOTH of these patterns....LOVE-THEM!!!
Todays final rug is a design from Warren Kimble that can be purchased through the Woolley Fox website. The pattern is called "American Barn". I really like that flag pattern in the background!
Once again, if anyone knows the "hookers" of these rugs, please leave a comment!!!
I'll be back tomorrow with more!

Go forth and be creative,


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