Monday, February 25, 2008



We had so much fun in Lenexa, Kansas!!!! So many many many much many much inspiration!!!!

Had a blast seeing teachers I've had in the past.....Nola Heidbreder and Anita White!

Talking to vendors and hookers that I've not seen in a while....Betty, Ter'e, Pam, Vicki, Denise, Belva, Bev, Rhonda, Cammie, Andrea, Marilyn, Helen.....and of course....just like Oscar night... I'm sure there are many that I'm forgetting!!!

So, without further are a few teaser pictures......I'll add more over the next few days to keep you coming back!!!!

Yes, I'm ornery that way!

These first two pictures are from a hooker/artist who just totally blows me away every time I see her. Her name is Vicki Hardcastle and she is from Eureka Springs, Arkansas....someone I've had a chance to get to know. This is a piece that she was working on at the hook-in....all I can say is WOW!!!!

Here is a picture of another rug in progress....this is a fine cut rug and the rug was 5.5 feet long of something incredible like is a peek at it. I don't know the hooker....she was not at her table when I took this picture....if anyone knows more about it I'd love for you to leave a comment for me.

And, the last rug of today's post.....darn, I met the hooker of this one and I didn't get her name! (now I have her name....Dea Olsen!! Thanks Betty and JoJo) I think she made this rug in cuts ranging from a #9 to a's one big honking rug and so stunning.....she said it was a great way to use up LOTS of wools!!!! She got the pattern from Barb Carroll of

Go forth and be creative,


  1. Tammy - YOU'RE SO MEAN! (smile) It is just plain torture to only post pictures of three rugs! I'll be back every day to see more, and I hope you post pictures of people too!
    Gayle in UT

  2. Tammy,
    Thanks for the eye candy! Love all three rugs for different reasons. The creativity of the lion rug blows my is just wonderful. The dress in the caroler looks almost real. WOW! And I adore the last rug. It is oh so primitive! Thanks for sharing. Maria

  3. Love those rugS!!!Thanks for sharing..waiting for more!!!!

  4. Tammy! I love that you took pics of rugs in progress! I didn't even think about that. It is so great that you have shared them!!! The last rug posted here, BTW, was being hooked by (I think this is the right name) Dee Olsen. I do know for sure, that she is a regular hooker at Judy Cripps' monthly hook-ins. She is one of the 'downstairs living room' hookers. :) One of the other Topeka gals could probably give you the correct name. I did buy that pattern - it is so awesome!!! It was great seeing you again & I might make it to Vicki's hook-in this coming June!!


  5. Betty:
    You had the name of the hooker almost's Dea Olsen and she hooks some of the most beautiful works of art from the larger cuts. Dea doesn't get to come to Judy's as often as she used to since she's oh-so-busy babysitting for her beautiful grandchildren. But she's a wonderful, very talented person and I miss her at the hookin's so much.

    Tammy, I'm glad you posted this rug of Vicki's. She was one of the very first people I met 3 years ago at my first Lenexa hook-in and she's so friendly and nice. I also want her hair....she's got that gorgeous natural red that's so pretty. I'm drawn to her every time I see her.


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