Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Having a Chili time!

Well, it warmed up to about 30 some odd degrees today....some melting of the ice but not a whole lot.....not as much as everyone had hoped for.
However, with cold icy weather what could be better than some Casper's chili!!!
Casper's is the oldest restaurant in Springfield, it opened in 1910, and I have to admit I had never been there until I went with Patti about a month ago and now I'm in love with it!!
It's not just the's the whole experience!!! I mean LOOK at this joint!!!

It's inside an old hanger and is just totally bedecked with all kinds of old posters, art work, chalk figurines and a box of toothpicks that when you slide the top back a mouse jumps at you! I mean this is kitsch at it's all time best!!!

Folks come here from blue collar and white collar alike and you can sit at one of the tables or the counter. Today we got to sit at the counter and peer back into the kitchen where the "secret recipe" chili is made. I'm not kidding...the kitchen is probably like 15'x15'.....really pretty amazing if you ask me!
I wish I would have taken a picture of the actual can get a cup or a bowl....they sit on top of a plate and the chili totally runs down the sides of the bowls....if you are ever in Springfield, Missouri you've got to try this!
Go forth and be creative,


  1. Let's see. . . how far is Missouri from New York? I can be there for lunch on, oh, maybe Saturday? Are you free then, Tammy? Will they let us hook there?


  2. Sarah, It's elbow to elbow, so definitely not a hooking place:)
    but lots of riotous color!!!