Sunday, February 3, 2008

Stash reduction continues!

Wow! I've really been on a roll.
I've still got SO MUCH STUFF that I need to clear out and it's headed to eBay and Etsy.

Over runs of wool starting at 99 cents....I hope to add more later tonight, but for right now this is a 1 yard piece that just screams SPRING and is on my ebay site.

Then I have other items that I've inherited and just don't have a spot for...I know that someone out there would love them. Lots of handmade lace items in my Etsy store that we inherited from Kenny's great aunt.

As well as odd ball things like this cool retro vintage swimming cap on my husband's eBay site!

Maybe once some of these things find a home I'll have more space and time for creating!!!
Go forth and be creative,



  1. Tammy - I just saw that you won one of the giveaways on Art Spirit's blog! Lucky girl!

  2. That is one remarkable swim cap! Looks like a prodded rug . . .


  3. Tammy,
    Sad is this is to be dating myself like this...but I had a swim cap just like that when I was a girl. I had to share it with my sister, so we couldn't swim at the same time.
    Love your stuff!

  4. Tammy,

    My mom had one like that. It's pretty wild!