Thursday, January 31, 2008

Woo Hoo!!!! SNOW!!!

I don't think I can explain just how much I love snow.....perhaps if you watch the video .....they say a picture is worth a thousand words!!!

Until I can get some pictures in the morning this will have to do.

The dog in the video is how I feel when it snows.....can't believe we've had to wait until the end of January for some snow this year. In celebration I roasted my chestnuts that I've been saving since Thanksgiving for our first good snow.....the only thing that could be better is if I were off work in the morning!


  1. Tammy, that Video makes me smile...silly dog! Maria

  2. Tammy that is the cutest dog I seen in a long time besides my two silly doxies. Cheryl

  3. What a cute video! You know, Tammy, I'd be happy to send you some of our almost 5 feet of snow!!!

  4. Oh that dog is a RIOT!! I have never seen a puppy do that - or love snow that much! LOL!
    So Tammy, now every time it snows here I will think of you and that dog! :D
    Enjoy your snow girl! :D

  5. Tammy,

    That was sooooo cute! dulcy