Sunday, January 27, 2008


I woke up to a cold, frosty morning....still no snow as I've been wishing for, but I"ll take what I can get! Frost is so pretty.....reminds me of powdered sugar!

Today was one of those nice, lazy Sundays.....we took a little drive out to Marshfield to the Country Charm Bed and Biscuit. Cleo was going out to visit Lily and Belle while Patti is in Florida with her family......Cleopatra loves to ride and Kenny lets her ride on his lap.....when she rides with me she has to sit in her own seat.Later when we came back we all had a bite to eat. Cleopatra had some left-over soup which means she had to put on her snood. This neat little invention keeps her long ears out of her food! We think she looks kind of like the wolf dressed as granny in "Little Red Riding Hood". If you want one for your own dog who has trouble keeping their ears out of their food you can find them here at Howlin'Hounds on Etsy. Cleo's was made by my friend, Renee.I had lots of free time today, but still didn't manage to get by the bookstore and pick up the new copy of "Artful Blogging"...I have the first issue and can't wait to get my hands on this new issue!!!

However, I did find time to add another 99 cent auction on eBay....wools are moving out of here at a rapid rate and it's making me very happy to see them finding new homes....still making room for the BIG ORDER to arrive!!!

To go to the auction just click on the picture.
For those of you who have been leaving comments and e-mailing me.....
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  1. Ooh the frost is gorgeous!! I'm with you Tammy, I think it looks like powdered sugar too! :)
    Cleos hat is hilarious - especially with your descriptive! (couldn't help but see that after you described it that way! lol)
    And i had NO idea they had a magazine about blogging?!?! I'm guessing it's worth looking for, if you want another copy! :D
    I need to get a gob of wool dyed this week and get motivated to list a bunch of stuff. Send me some of your excess motivation? Pretty please???!! :)

  2. That ear cover is so cute!!!

    Tag, you are it girlfriend! :)


  3. Beautiful photos of the frost...had something like that here that day, but no photo from me! {sigh} I love the idea of the blogging mag!

  4. the ear snood cracked me up...but what a great idea...that Cleo looks so sweet in hers...but I do think she needs a new one with sequins and foo-foo fabric...