Thursday, January 3, 2008

Lots of new items in my eBay store!

Wow! Can you say busy day?
I've added lots of new wools to my eBay is a little sampling and later tonight I'm going to be starting my "Be Mine" rug as an auction on Thursday night.
All of this and a new hot water heater to boot! Here is the old one in it's stage of being taken apart and removed. Hope to have a picture of the new one when I get back from having dinner with my friend Angie who is in town from sunny Floriday!We're meeting at Mexican Villa so she can get her "fix" while she is here in town!
I finally got some wool yarns and wool dyed for Billie in California today.....they are still sitting in their pots and pans cooling as right now I don't have any water to rinse them in......come on hot water heater...get here and get installed!!!
Go forth and be creative,

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  1. Beautiful colors, Tammy! Hope you get your hot water heater soon . . . . And have an enchilada for me -- we have lousy Mexican restaurants up here.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!