Saturday, January 26, 2008

I'm baaa-aaaack!!

....back to blogging that is!

Feel like I've been gone what have I been up to?

Today I dyed some wools for the eBay store....lots of reds and pinks...guess it must be Valentine's Day approaching that put me in that color mood today.

The past few weeks I've been finishing up some projects....I finally got the handle ordered and attached to the hooked purse that I made my Grandma for Christmas. I snapped this photo on the way out the door to work the other day and I could kick myself because I didn't get a picture of the inside....I love the lining that I used!! If you need a nice leather handle for your hooked, knitted or fiber purses check out this website Homestead Heirlooms....YUM-O!!! And so nice to work with!!!

I've also been on a little bit of a knitting frenzy....okay...maybe frenzy sounds like I'm staying up all night and day knitting.....not hardly....let's just say I've knitted a heart dishcloth for my mom and I'm going to try to knock a couple more out for my grandma and mother-in-law before Valentine's day. Knitting sweaters....yeah, I don't think least not in the foreseeable future!!!

I did this 9-O-Hearts Dishcloth....just knit and purl....of course I will say that I can't knit and carry on a conversation NOR can I knit and drink a chocolate martini and play with the dog's at Patti's after our dog walking so knitting will never be my first love :)
Patti's Chocolate Martini
1 shot vodka
1 shot Bailey's
1 shot Creme de Cocoa
2 shots milk
stirred not shaken

Can you see the 9-hearts?

Here's a close up if that helps..... and here's the link to the pattern if you want to try this yourself. And a handy link to see knitting videos if you totally don't have a clue.....hmmmm....I visit that site a LOT!!! Yes, I teach rug hooking at a knitting store, Simply Fibers, but you can only ask the same person "can you show me that just ONE more time" so many times before they want to stick the knitting needles square in your eyes.
Oh yeah, I got my sheep challenge rug bound and hung and I'm still working away at de-stashing my odd sized scraps of wool....hope to add another 99 cent auction on Sunday night at eBay.

Hope all of you out there in blog land have been doing well and staying creative....AND it wouldn't break my heart if a few of you left a comment or two when you stop's nice to know who is out there reading.

Go forth and be creative,



  1. I like the dishrags. I am Joyce, Jacque's sister in Alaska and she told me to check them out! The pattern isn't too hard either. Joyce

  2. Joyce,
    Thanks for leaving a comment!!! I'm off to find a different heart pattern for my grandma and mother-in-law....I just don't like doing the same thing twice.

  3. LOL Tammy!! The "comment guilt" comment made me laugh out loud! You are so funny! :)
    You have been BUSY girl!! I'm amazed at all you get done! I am LOVING that purse with the pink handle!! Definitely going to check out the link you provided - thanks!! And you got tons dyed! I haven't dyed in weeks - since before Christmas - more like since the beginning of December! LOL! I need to get back into the production groove!
    Kudos to you! Missed your wonderful blog entries while you were gone!

  4. You are so incredibly talented! I love your sheep rug. The rabbit wearing the mustard dress is adorable. Did you make it? If so, is there a pattern available? I'm interested in learning how to rug hook. Can you recommend a kit for me to get started with? I don't have a blog, but I think there is a way for you to answer me through my email if I check mark the follow-up comment box. There's no hurry to answer me--whenever you can. I'd sure appreciate it. Thanks so much! :)