Saturday, December 22, 2007

Today's great "TO DO" list!

Feeling in the mood to blog today!

Here is today's great "TO DO" list.....

hope that by the end of the day I can say...

"TA DA" did it all!!!

1. pick out fabric for purse lining and also pick up purse feet

2. pick up gift tags....hoping to make some crafty creative ones!

3. wrap packages

4. drop Christmas packages by Simply Fibers for friends and straighten up the woolies

5. pick up a few last minute GC's (gift certificates) that I was planning on doing and then got sick

6. take Cleopatra for a walk (this is not really a "to do" but rather a gift to myself and of the most enjoyable parts of my day)

7. make some sort of Christmas goodie....

Go forth and be creative,

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