Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Things Can Only Get Better

Well, after some really worrisome times this past two weeks I think that Big Truvy is on the mend....keeping my fingers crossed. She is now on her 3rd antibiotic. The first medicine made her really sick so the vet switched her to a different antibiotic....after 10 days she still was not getting any better.

I took her back to the Dr. yesterday and they took chest x-rays and she has a bunch of junk in the bottom part of her right lung. The vet said it looked "worrisome" and he did some blood work. They called me this morning to let me know that her white cell count was really high and they wanted to put her on a full spectrum antibiotic that was a bit stronger......oh yeah, did I mention that she also got an antibiotic shot while she was there yesterday.

Poor T.

I'm taking her in again this afternoon for them to draw more blood to see if it might be some sort of rare fungal pneumonia.

This all started out as tonsilitis and upper respiratory tract infection.

The good news is that she has kept some food down today.....1 chicken jerky strip and one teeny small jar of chicken baby food....poor girl....she just hates to see me coming because I am constantly having to push pills down her throat and each new pill is bigger than the last.

Then there is Cleopatra....bless her heart....what a great big sister....she has been so nice to stay near by and just play with her ball or take a nap.

My husband has gone to St. Louis today to visit our niece, Nicole. She is out of her coma but still in intensive care and they want lots of people visiting her to kind of rouse her about.

In the midst of all this to help me keep my sanity I have been working on a couple of hooked projects. Here are a couple of teaser photos....I will post "real" pics of them in a few days when they are finished.

Thank you so much for all your thoughts and prayers for my niece and my dog,



  1. oh! so much at one time...I wish you the best outcomes for all your loved ones. :)

  2. Hey Tammy...ohhhhhh, poor Truvy. I'm sorry, I didn't realize that she still was feeling poorly. I'll keep her in my prayers. Your photos are teasers, for sure. Keep us posted on all that's happening.

  3. Ooh Tammy, I'm so sorry!! Poor Truvy!! :( I've been wondering if you were ok, and keep you in my prayers! Here I thought Truvy was "all betta"!! :( Poor bebe :(
    I bet you are a tuckered out mom right now. Hang in there sweety!!
    Praying for your niece also!!! Keep talking to her!!
    love you gobs!

  4. Tammy,
    I had no idea, I am so sorry for all of worrisome events that have happened to you. I pray peaceful blessings to surround you. Lovingly, Katie