Monday, October 1, 2007

Kitchen dreams

Well, we're trying to head from dreaming to reality.....these are the cabinets that we love...light maple and stainless steel.

We're trying to take our kitchen from the 50's into now. Drawing up plans, knocking down walls, shopping for appliances, flooring, sinks, tile, etc.......a bit overwhelming, but we hope it will be totally worth it!

My big splurge is going to be a 6-burner range.....perhaps something like this....
Granite countertops....perhaps this.... ....maybe an apron sink in stainless....
New fridge in stainless steel as well.....we're still discussing the pros and cons of top freezer/bottom freezer/side-by-side....I want the bottom freezer but my husband thinks he'll be spending too much time bending over to get ice.......

Then there is my favorite part....the vent many cool ones out there to choose from. I really like the looks of this one.
So many things to consider......budget, trying to be green and energy efficient....and getting the look we want. We are getting bids from contractors this week and the plans will soon be finalized....wish us luck!


  1. Oh...what fun! New kitchen stuff! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. WOWSERS!!!!! How cool is this?!? :D
    You guys must be having sooo much fun in the planning stages right now! What an exciting project you have ahead of your!! Be prepared for LOTS OF MESS and LOTS of dust for a couple months girl!! LOL! But ooohhhh it will be sooo worth it when it's done!!
    (and just my 2 cents on the fridge - go for the bottom freezer!! They ROCK!!! :) )
    Thanks for sharing this with all of us - i'm looking forward to more "blogworthy" posts about it!
    Bren :D

  3. That is a huge undertaking! I am sure it will be awesome when it is done! I did see an add in a local flier for fridges..... you can get one with the bottom freezer & ice/water in the door. :)

  4. Once it's done, it will be fabulous but I don't envy you the mess in the meantime. I went crazy when we had our floors done 2 years ago and those "popcorn" ceilings taken down.

    And Tammy? Go for the bottom freezer. I've got one and they're great. Yeah, Kenny will have to bend over for ice but most people spend the majority of their time rummaging in the fridge......not the freezer.

  5. I absolutely despise my side by side and would NEVER get one again. You can't fit anything bigger than a frozen package of veggies in the freezer of a side by side - horrible! The picture you had of the freezer on the bottom type - that's my next one!!!!!!!!!