Thursday, October 4, 2007

Finishing "All Decked Out Pumpkin Man"

Lately, I've been on a pillow making craze. I'm not sure if this is the RIGHT way to finish a pillow, but this is what I do. I take my hooked piece and attach covered cording ala Wendy at the Red Saltbox. I don't tack down the unfinished piece of wool to the back of the hooked piece since this will be covered up by the pillow backing.

Below is a pillow in progress....the pillow backing is the plaid and the covered cording is the blue....the hooking is facing down.

I use upholstry thread or button and craft thread for sturdiness and I push my needle through between the hooked part and the cording.

As I push it through I catch the pillow backing on the other side and kind of tuck it under as I go...then I move over just a hair and bring it back through the backing and into that little groove where the cording is and out the other side and just go back and forth around the pillow until it is finished.

I'm by no means a seamstress and I don't measure the pillow backing....I just cut a piece of wool that is a little bit larger than what I need and tuck the excess under to the inside of the pillow.

Here is the finished pillow....the pattern is from one of my favorite designers....Maria Barton of

Go forth and be creative,


  1. I swear, must have at least 3 sets of hands to accomplish all that you do! Either that, or you take drugs! ha! Seriously, I am impressed...that looks great!

    AND, you inspired me with one of your earlier projects. I'll be showing off what I was inspired to do at some point before Christmas. Keep on HOOKIN'!!

  2. SOOO Adorable! Good luck tomorrow! Dulcy and I may try to drop by. Blessings, Katie

  3. WOW! Tammy, what a beautiful pillow and thanks for the instructions!

    Irma Sefers

  4. I love the pillow Tammy! Thank you too for sharing the directions on finishing!! :)

  5. Love your pumpkin man Tammy! You always amaze me...the flow of your creativity is amazing.

  6. What a gorgeous group of goodies - thanks, Tammy! Also for the links - I had a great surf through some of your links. Maybe I'll get some wool sorted and accessibly stashed today! The pillows are fabulous, and the pincushions from Mrs B are nifty. All this creativity is very stimulating... thx again, maureen