Thursday, October 11, 2007

Downward Spiral of Life and Leaves

Do you ever feel like your life is spinning out of control....things are on a downward spiral? I guess we can't appreciate the ups without somedowns.

Sorry I haven't been blogging much recently. I've had so much going on (I know...don't we all?)

Last weekend I participated in a 3-day craft show and in the midst of all that my big baby Truvy came down with tonsilitis and an upper respiratory infection....coughing all night and lots of "getting sick" up rugs, washing bedspreads, giving her pills....get the picture? She just looks so sad when she doesn't feel good :(

In the picture above I think she was looking at some squirrels and wishing she felt good enough to give them a good chase.

I'd also like to ask a favor of you to send positive energy and thoughts and prayers to my niece, Nicole, who is in a coma from a motorcycle wreck on Saturday night. My husband has just left to drive to St. Louis to see her while I stay home with Truvy and Cleopatra and keep trying different medication combos with Truvy. She's only 22 so we are praying that her youth and strength will pull her through, but prayers and good thoughts never hurt either.

On the brighter side of my life I've picked out all of my appliances for the kitchen remodeling project and have been working on a few original items. The first item is a hand dyed wool "Oak Leaves Scarf" that I hope to have on eBay later this evening. It has beautiful colors of pumpkin, butternut and tendril with oak leaves needle felted to the ends. I think it looks marvelous and artsy with a black turtleneck!

Go forth and be creative,

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  1. Sorry to hear about Truvy & hubbys niece. Sending prayers their way.