Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Perfect Day

What do you get when you add one truck full of junk...... one SUV full of junk?

Two gals having the time of their lives at the.....

Yes, today was the big "junk market" sale down in Galloway Village at "Wild at Heart". Our spot was under a huge shade tree and the weather could not have been more perfect!!! Here's a little photo of our setup!Okay, truth be told there weren't all that many shoppers....I guess being "Labor Day Weekend" didn't help things, but none the less we got to sit outside all day...sell a few things and HOOK!!!! It wasn't hot, it wasn't was JUST RIGHT!

Not even any bugs! Unless you count these little white caterpillars that kept coming out of nowhere.

I swear I haven't had that much uninterrupted hooking time in I don't know when!!! Good for the soul!

Here are a few pictures of some of the things from the other sellers....just too much fun! I love how creative some sellers are with their displays...there truly is an art to that!

I didn't get any pictures from inside "Wild at Heart" ....just the outside. They have soooo many wonderful treasures in that place. Just ask Dulcy and Katie who stopped by to do a little shopping!!

Then to top it off Patti came over with her two little dogs, Belle (black and white) and Lily (blonde) for a play date with Cleopatra and Truvy while we had supper.
Yes, it really was a perfect day!



  1. Hey Tammy...sounds like you had a great day! YAY!!! Did you see anything? What are you hooking on?

  2. Tammy,
    It was a perfect day! I enjoyed visiting with you and Patti and all the sale gals! I love the picture of your dogs having a play date with Patti's babies. What a treat! Thanks for inspiring me once again! Living creatively, Katie *~ <>< + ><> ~*

  3. Oh my gosh, your "junk market" looks like "hog heaven" for those of us that like the vintage and primitive furniture!! Wishing I wasn't 1200 miles away!!!!!!! :-(
    Tooo fun! Did ya'll sell alot? Or go home with more treasures than you came with?? LOL :P
    Bren :D