Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Jeepers Creepers!

I just love the saying on this print from The Dreamy Giraffe.

"Happily ever afters almost always have humble beginnings"

It reminds me to work from my heart. Sometimes the things that are the most fun for us to create happen when we are just putzing around...playing....being serendipitous...working with bits of old, bits of new, mixing the familiar with the strangely off-beat.

That's how I came up with this.

An eyeglasses case.

It's my first adventure into mixing altered art with rug hooking.

*~*Bits of old.....wool worms from old projects.*~*

{*}Bits of new....fabric transfer from Teriko.{*}

~~Familiar....rug hooking~~

+*+StRaNgLeY oFfBeAt...incorporating them into one project+*+

I love the picture of the dolls eyes....it's a reminder to me to try and look at things with the eyes of a child.

!Be full of wonderment!
!Don't hide your joy!

I had to start wearing reading glasses this past year.....to me it's a constant reminder that I don't see as well as I used to (or as the optometrist said "you're just getting older"). It's an inconvenience that really annoys me, but I'm trying to put a positive spin on it....YAY...another accessory!
As my husband says....just think of how many things you could accomplish if so much of your brain space wasn't taken up by accessorizing!!!
Go forth and be creative,


  1. These darling eyeglass cases are just toooo cute!
    Tammers girl, you are beautiful inside and out!! And yes, i'm right there with you on the glasses thing! LOL! Just got a pair (finally) about two months ago... have been putting it off for some time! And they are pretty annoying, and you DO have to get used to them - but hey - we can see clearly now!! (LOLOL! now i'm singin!!) And i'm sure you chose some FUN frames for different moods - am i right?! :D
    LOL Kenny is a riot!! But i'm guessing he LOVES all your fun accessories and wouldn't have you trade them for the world! :)
    Hope you have an awesomely creative day my friend!

  2. Hey Tammy...You must never ever skip making an entry in your blog. Okay? Reading your blog always makes me smile. LOVE the eyeglass case, ADORE the saying and geez...I didn't know anyone said, "jeepers creepers" anymore!!! {grin}

    PS Your glasses look great.

  3. Love your eyeglass cases!...and the altered artwork! If anybody could do it, you could! Thanks for including me in the name game...will post it sometime this week.