Saturday, September 29, 2007

A few new wools for fall!

I've spent my morning in the dye pots and my afternoon listing wools on eBay.

Marvelous fall colors with names like Bittersweet, Pumpkin, Clementine, Apples & Oak.
YAY! Just the names make me think of cooler weather....not this 80 degree weather that we are having now.
I'm way ready for things to cool off.
I'm so tired of making up ads for the wools and I have this one last wool to list, so instead I'm going to offer it here on my blog.

It's a yummy spot dyed wool called Chrysanthemum and it's from a recipe out of a great little dye book called "Dyeing From the Doo Dye Inn" by Dick LaBarge and Patti Varley. I haven't had this book for long, but so far everything I've dyed from it has been fabulous.

I have two 1/4 yard pieces of this spot dyed wool and I'm offering it here on my blog for $8 a piece....2 pieces available. They measure about 15" x 30". Shipping is $1 for each piece.

If you are interested drop me a line here, it's first come first serve.

Tonight I'm going to be finishing up a few more projects for the upcoming craft show.....I hope to have them finished to show you tomorrow.
Go forth and be creative,

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