Monday, September 24, 2007

Lazy sheep

I've had this "Lazy Sheep" done for about a week now, but I'm just now getting around to writing about it. I finished hooking it a while ago here and have since changed the face... so much sweeter now!
Then I went and finished it with covered cording and made it into a pillow complete with vintage buttons.

A big thanks to Maria Barton for this lovely design!!!! Not sure whether to keep or sell this one? Hubby says KEEP and he rarely says that. Hmmmmm, I may have to re-design my hooking room around it!!!
Go forth and be creative,


  1. Hey Tammy....NICE work! I love this pillow that you made! And, yes, the sheep's face is much sweeter with the softer outline. Good job!

  2. Gorgeous! Yep, that's all I can say. Good job, Tammy!

  3. Tammy - That's my favorite way to fasten pillows also! Love to use wonderful old mismatched buttons on the overlap. Great pillow!

  4. Love it Tammy! I vote with hubby and say keep it! Hope to see you soon! Blessings, katie

  5. Such pretty colors! The face is softer and sweeter now. Bet it would fetch a good price if sold :-) but maybe you need to enjoy it for a while

  6. Really nice work on the sheep & turning it into a pillow.....and you say that you don't sew! I say keep it & enjoy it....Marita