Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Watch it Wednesday

So many great videos this morning.

I promise you, these are feel good videos,

but they might bring a tear to your eye.


With his short gray hair, watchful eyes, authoritative

voice and stern manner, high school math teacher

and veteran Jim O'Connor is used to commanding

respect in the classroom. So his students were

surprised to learn about his nickname at the

hospital where he volunteers: the baby whisperer.

A 95-year-old veteran in full dress uniform came

outside on the street to encourage and cheer

runners in an 8K race but the admiration was

turned on himself when the athletes began

spontaneously shaking his hand in a tribute

for his military service. A San Jose reporter

happened to capture the scene on video as

Joe Bell became inundated with runners wanting

to shake his hand.

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