Monday, March 3, 2014

An Oldie but a Goodie

I’ve had this blog for several years now, and I thought over

that time I had shared all of the rugs I’ve made, but by searching

the blog I discovered I have never shared this rug.


(you can click on the rug to see it larger)

Kenny used to collect Smokey Bear and I made this rug

for him as either a birthday or Christmas present, I can’t

remember which. I do remember that I hooked it on the sly,

so as soon as he would leave for work on Saturdays I would

pull this rug out of the trunk of my car and hook like a mad woman

while he was at work and then store it back in the trunk before

it was time for him to be home.

It’s hooked from mainly recycled wools, I

remember that his cheeks are from a Pendleton shirt and

the shovel is from a few blazers. The bluejay is also from

a Pendleton shirt. Funny, how it can be YEARS ago and yet

I can still remember these odd bits of trivia about a rug hooked

so many years ago.

I was new to dyeing and I dyed the mustard colored wool in

his hat and also the green background.

It’s been in our bedroom for years in front of the

TV cabinet.


Oh yeah, this was hooked in the days before I had a proper

frame….it was hooked entirely on a quilting hoop!


  1. Tammy it is absolutely adorable!!!!! Don't care what wools you used as they made it look terrific, besides we all use recycled wools even as seasoned hookers. And with a hoop no less?? OMG, I used a hoop for a very small project and couldn't take it any longer and had to find something to hold the backing.
    It was a labor of love and am sure your hubby still loves it.


    1. Saundra, Thanks! I remember all too well prying that hoop on and off of the rug....YIKES! So happy to have the Puritan now!

  2. I've never seen that! I love it!

  3. I remember that rug, you showed it either done or nearly done on the yahoo group or maybe your old site you hosted years ago? I think I got my dawling to get a bunch of smokey stuff for your husband one year....we did an exchange or something...Christmas think it was? Still looks good! And yes, I am ready for spring!!!

    1. Lindy, Wow girl, you've got a great memory....perhaps I showed it on Wool Snippets back in the gold ole days. I do kind of remember a Christmas exchange....I've gotten so many cool things from hookers over the years and I can't always remember who I got them from. Heaven help me when I get even older!!

  4. I love that rug for an older rug your hooking was wonderful!