Sunday, March 2, 2014

Keeping Warm with Wool

What better thing to do on a cold and icy day

than bind a rug.

Must admit, this is not my favorite activity when

making rugs, but I’m always glad to have it finished.

I prefer to use wool covered cording for my rugs…


I cover the cording with wool using the zipper foot on my

sewing machine (yes, I drug it down from the top shelf

in the closet), then I hand sew it to the rug.


Once it’s sewn on, then I go back and tack the excess wool down

with T-pins in the back



and then hand sew around the edges of the wool.

Hope to get this finished today, so I can move on to the

next project.

I have many “unfinished” projects calling my name right now…


knitted socks (even if I could finish 1 of them would be great)


penny rug that needs to be stitched into a pillow (it has a spring

theme, so hopefully I can get on that next….it should be quick if

I would just take the time to sit down and work on it)


wool quilt

moose rug/pillow that I started


Here’s a gratuitous picture of Buzzbee looking out the window as

Kenny left to go run some errands…..he’s such a cutie!

He’s been a great addition to our home!


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