Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring Cleaning


….or should I say…decluttering….

I’m finding that it’s been hard to sit and work on my projects

because I feel like there is so much “stuff” weighing me down.

Yes folks, it’s time to purge.

I know, I know, I’ve talked about de-cluttering for YEARS….

YEARS on here!

How do we accumulate so much STUFF?!

I’ve been WAY better over the years of not buying small

little knick-knacky type things….we have a new name

for that at our house, “butter”.

Why keep buying butter? Just save up and buy a nice big

piece of steak….something substantial.

Some days I feel like that about rugs as well…..why keep doing little

projects that you don’t really have a place for….wouldn’t

it be something to make a big, substantial rug?!

Right now I’m working on a set of pillows….something I can use

around the house, but perhaps I’ll let this idea of a huge

rug marinate in my mind…..


  1. I started only making rugs that I could use on the floor.

  2. For sure I need to declutter and should start in my closet riding myself of things I haven't worn in years and won't. As for a big rug guess you are thinking room size. Oh but I want gratification sooner than a two year project. Also I find myself switching out a hooked piece on my harvest table where I can see it each day and enjoy the fruits of my labor for weeks at a time. But I do understand what you mean.


  3. Yep...reason I only hook those really big MAMA rugs...to put on the floor!