Monday, April 8, 2013

Making mistakes

"The man who makes no mistakes does not usually make anything."
– William Connor Magee

I found this quote in my “inbox” this morning, and you know what?

It’s so true! 

I’m sure I’ve made plenty of mistakes while I’ve been making this quilt,

but I decided to just dive in and give it a go.

I did have to rip out two seams along the way,  of course!

That was on the last two strips that I sewed…..I think I was just getting

impatient to have it finished.


In the pictures this looks like it has a lot of reds, but

they are actually oranges.


I know, it’s BRIGHT!!!  There was really no “plan” for

this quilt, I just started cutting pieces that would be

the same width for a row, and then I’d go on to the next

row and make it different.  When I picked out the fabric

with the love birds on it, I had no idea there were birds on it,

I just picked it for the colors, so of course those rows

ended up being quite wide so that none of the birds

had their heads cut off…..I know, I’m sweet that way Smile


Next, I think I’m going to applique a huge wool

flower somewhere on it, then it will be backed in

bright minky fabric… snuggly!

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