Friday, April 19, 2013

All white

Well, I must say that it’s no big surprise that Thumper has found

a home….he is such a cute dog and he has an unusual look to him!

He just looks like a bucket full of love!

My new posting for a dog looking for a home is Whitney July

Here is her story:

“This girl was spotted at the side of Highway 60 in south-eastern MO by a State Patrol officer on his way to a meeting in Jeff City. He couldn’t get the dog out of his mind. When he came back 3 days later she was still sitting there. He drove to the grocery store in Eminence bought a bag of food. She was sitting half way up the embankment, she watched him come to her. A hopeful expression but she didn't rise to greet him. When he got to her, he discovered that both of her back legs were broken.
He sat at the side of the road with her for 2 hours not knowing what to do. Someone saw his car and call in an "officer in trouble" request. When the next Trooper came, he said he couldn't leave her and he couldn't take her so he just waited. Between the two of them, they decided to take her to Kennett. There she got help. She went to the vet and had both legs set. Her vet costs were covered by a dedicated community. Whitney is now fine; she can run with the best of them. Very lovely, very gentle - Whitney is an amazing girl! Just 34 pounds, she is has a delicate, graceful build and a beautiful disposition. You can read more about a hound’s disposition below.
Whitney is a July hound, a rare breed that you won't even find out much about on the internet.”

To find out more, just click on her picture.

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