Monday, April 8, 2013

I is what I is

I remember the day, when some of my favorite rug hookers

left their rugs behind and turned into quilters…..

I’m not saying I’m going to do that or I’m not going to do that,

but I am enjoying the project I’m currently working on.

It seems to have pulled me out of my creative rut.


Lonnie is my hooking dog, I think Buzzbee

wants to be a quilting dog. While I was ironing

my seams, he took up residency under the ironing



I’ve cut out petals for a wool daisy…they just need

to be stitched down, and then I think I will also

sew vintage buttons to the middle of the flower.


This is the “minky” fabric that is going on the back,

this feels scrumptious, but also led to a sewing

machine breakdown….luckily there is a repair shop

close by and they were able to get me new needles

and a different thread…..I’m back in business!

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