Thursday, February 2, 2012

To comment…..or not….

I had an interesting discussion about commenting on blogs with one

of my fellow bloggers on Tuesday.

I thought it would make for an interesting conversation here on my blog.

If you have a blog and someone comments on your post, do you feel like you

have to reciprocate and comment on their blog?

Are you a person who reads lots of blogs, but rarely comments?

Would you be put off if there were no place to leave a comment?

My truth…..

  • I read several blogs, but rarely comment
  • I like when people leave a comment on my blog
  • I like it that I’ve been out and about and lots of people have stopped me to tell me that they read my blog….even though they don’t leave comments
  • If I don’t comment on your blog, it doesn’t mean I don’t like your blog, it just means I don’t feel like I have anything pertinent to add to the conversation
  • I rarely do the “reciprocal comment”….who has time for that? Okay, maybe some of you do, but I don’t feel like I do…, I think that’s a little manipulative or perhaps “overly polite”.  I guess what I’m saying….I don’t comment on people’s blogs, so they will come over and comment on my blog.

Comments anyone? Smile


  1. I feel the same as you about most of what you said. But, I do like a comment. I don't always comment, but try to at least say be polite! I have recently just started to do the reply to a comment left, knowing more then likely that person won't check back to see if I left a comment to theirs! Not being overly polite, just appreciative and to let them know...if they were to check back that I took the time to read their comment to my post. I have so few that leave a comment that when I read their posts I feel it only "fair" that I leave a bit of a comment to them. So few of the "more popular" bloggers even bother to leave a comment on little ol' blogs like mine! So, I appreciate when a comment is left and if I feel I have something to say I will also leave a comment! Great discussion!

  2. Interesting to read your comments and feelings as I have similar thoughts. I don't read a LOT of blogs, except perhaps the ones I have on my side bar (of which you are one). So I keep checking in with those yet don't always post a comment.

    And I usually do the reciprocal comment perhaps because if I encounter someone on the street and they smile and say "hi" feel the need (guilt?) to reply in kind. And there are those people who have the noreply so that I can't reply back for their stopping by.

    So perhaps I won't reply back as it is just one more e-mail that person would have to delete.


  3. Tammy,
    Like so many, I read a large number of blogs. When I think I have something to add to the discussion or just want to let the blogger know they are being read, I will comment. But I don't have my own blog so obviously I am not expecting a response, although a thanks every now and again is always nice to receive.

  4. To comment or not to comment, a great subject Tammy.

    My truth: I'm grateful for my followers especially those who leave comments on my blog. I can't ignore them as I care for them, they are real people with real lives just like me and they have feelings.

    I'll confess to leave comments on those who leave comments on my blog first. If time permits I'll leave comments on those who don't leave comments on my post for what ever reason if I think that they could use a little positive support that day.

    I'm busy enough in my everyday life without having to blog but I find pleasure and comfort in it. It's nice to be validated once in a while.

    I've received emotional support when I was heart broken when I realized that my grandson was going to be born without his left hand. Because of the comments that I received, it gave us hope and it also calmed my daughter apprehensions. It made me appreciate my followers even more as they all wanted to help.

    I like that people leave comments on my blog but I don't expect them to all love my post each time, it would be unrealistic but I appreciate that they leave a comment even if it's just a couple of words.

    I also love the truth and even if I don't find something to my taste, I try to find something positive to say without lying. Sometimes, the color or style is not to my taste but the workmanship is top notch, I'll comment on the workmanship.

    To me a visitor to my blog is like a visitor to my front door. The only difference I choose the time for the visit.

    Tammy, I enjoyed my long visit to your blog today and the opportunity to voice my opinion and I hope that I don't sound to serious but I am who I am... JB

  5. Tammy,
    Great discussion! Commenting on all the blogs takes a lot of time...... especially when you read lots and lots of blogs like I do! There are days I barely get the blogs read let alone comment! But I know how nice it is to get comments and lets me know at least someone is reading! I like to return that feeling to someone else and let them know I appreciate the time they are taking to make posts and think of things to post about! I know people understand when you can't comment on all the blogs or really don't have a thought about the particular subject. It is nice to even see a quick response like " Hi! Enjoyed your post!"
    I enjoy all your posts Tammy!! Each and every one! Your posts are fun, informative and great great photography!!! If you even have thought about quitting..... I say don't think about it!!!!
    Cathy G
    p.s. commenting on other's post does seem to drive up the amount of comments you get on your own blog but the amount of comments if any shouldn't stop anyone from keeping on posting....... millions of people are reading blogs so someone is reading yours! I would continue my blog if only one person read Sad I know!

  6. I think we all enjoy getting comments on our ramblings. I certainly don't comment on every blog post I read, but do comment regularly on several favorites.
    And sometimes I just leave a quick line so they know I appreciate their blog.
    My personal thought is that I shouldn't expect to receive comments if I never leave any.
    Comments and blogs - its a tricky line sometimes :)

  7. Great question! I am so struggling with this right now. I follow lots of blogs and I check in daily, usually twice a day. But, my job has been very taxing lately and I can barely get a sentence out to my hubby, so commenting just seems impossible. I try to leave them...but right now I'm just overwhelmed. When I have time, during vacations, I love to try to leave a comment on most every blog. I just hope folks understand. I do love comments on my blog, though! LOL

  8. Hi Tammy, Great topic
    For me personal blogging is all about relationships. Relationships you build one comment at a time. Otherwise I would just write in a journal. I like connecting with people. Sure some drop in and out of your blog life but others through comments have found a connection and friendships are formed. Each comment lets you know someone beisdes your mother or sister is reading.

    They help me decide what interests people when they come to my blog.

    I do respond to all comments as I feel if they took the time to comment then they deserve a thank you at least.

    I do not expect comments on all my posts because not all of the posts will interest everyone. I think some like reading about the rugs and others about my life, or photographs. And the same goes for me when I read their blogs. I'll comment on a beautiful rug or design but not the post about their cats.

    Just my thoughts. Cheers

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