Saturday, February 18, 2012

Inspiration List

Now that I’m beginning to see the light at the end of

the tunnel with the Redbud Runner, my mind is running

amuck of what I might want to start on next.

Here are a few finds from Pinterest:


Love the odd shape of these pillows….

these could be knitted or contructed from

recycled sweaters…..hmmm, could you hook

something and then sew it up this way as well?

One of those pictures that makes my mind go in a

million different directions at once!


This is cute and I think you could make a pillow like

this but use wool selvedges instead.


Dreamy! I think you could use wool selvedges or

t-shirts….not sure about the sewing part with the

leaves, but I think I could manage that, even with my

limited sewing skills. There is a tutorial for this one HERE.


How fab is this? Always wondering what to do with those bits of

beautiful wool that don’t make it into a rug! 


I love all the colors in this painting, along with

the motion it evokes…..


Have odd scraps of burlap or linen left over?

This could be a good use for them…..also I think it

could look really shabby or prim if the frayed edges were



I really think this is the next project that I see

in my future.


  1. You're always looking for something new and exciting ~ thanks for sharing! #4 is made with felted hand-dyed roving ~ which I have ~ interesting ~ but it might itch your neck a lot!!

  2. Oh boy, that would make a wonderful rug.......of Cleo with her head stuck out the car window. Can't wait to see it in progress soon.


  3. Tammy I'd love to see a rug of your last picture with one of the kids. Not sure which one that is. Did you paint that picture? It's really great!